Counter Blox (CB:RO) is a first shooter on roblox based on the popular CS:GO. The gameplay of the game is simple, you have an objective that is based on different game modes such as de, and cs. CB:RO is no longer its own game, and was replaced by CB:R. CB:RO is still accessible through CB:R, but is highly unused and is extremely glitchy, because it was ported over poorly.


The game modes are Hostage Rescue (CS), and Bomb Defusal (DE). You play either on the team Terrorist or the team Counter Terrorist.



This game age is 7.

Setup is 10 seconds to use money that you have earned to buy better guns with their own stats. During this time you are to plan your strategies, and buy the weapons you desire.


Gameplay is rather interesting, mostly because this is a team based shooter, and it can consist on how well you communicate. Yet, what makes this game more interesting is the fact of how you plan your tactics. What I mean is how you can’t just go to the objective, on your way you might encounter trouble. For example you should have a strategy that solves problems like (What happens when I am outnumbered? Where should I be when the bomb is planted?)

Additional Information: (Note that this information isn’t all written by the original creator)


Most guns (except Snipers like the AWP and SSG 08 or pistols which are semi-automatic) in long range will have high recoil, so when using them try to aim at the lowest part as you can aim at steady and start shooting without taking your sight off the target.

Cache: On pistol round the opponents high chance or going mid or A. If the enemies are smart they will plant.

C4: Take for example the bomb is on a random side for example site A, on the next round there is a half chance of them planting it on the same side, but usually they will go to the same site if they won.

Dust II: As a Counter-Terrorist you are always gonna be confused considered which site the bomb is planted on. Here's a little trick, Go to the mid doors and try to listen after the beeping noise. Go to the way the beeping is heard strongest.

Pistols: Most pistols are more accurate than SMGs, rifles, etc. Use this to your advantage to shoot further and hit the enemy. Instead of firing and wasting ammunition.

C4 drop: If you see a dropped C4 on the floor or dropped from an enemy, keep in mind that the Terrorist team cannot win without planting the C4. Most likely the Terrorists will go after it. Try to hide in a place where the Terrorists won't spot you, or is hard to hit you.
Roblox - CBRO Intro-2

Roblox - CBRO Intro-2

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